I was born in Lahr in the Black Forest in 1987 and grew up in a “tennis family”. My father has always been an absolute dog opponent. When I was severely limited in competitive tennis during my growth and could not exercise as hoped, we decided as a family, to fulfill my heart’s desire to buy a dog for my own. I always like dogs. Although I had a lot of respect for dogs as a child, I was fascinated again and again and I looked for every opportunity to contact them.

My first Dog

At the age of 14, I got my first dog Dasca, a female Labrador dog without papers from France, without any intentions on dog sports. With her I found the way into the dog sport. I went quite naively to the puppy school in Friesenheim. There, as I had so much fun with the obedience, I passed the “Begleithundprüfung” many times. However, this became a bit monotonous, and I started to run “Tunierhundesport”, more specifically “Vierkampf”. In 2004 I won with Dasca German youth championship in the DVG.

A Malinois as a companion to the IPO

The interest in working dogsport IPO grow over the time and I switched to this. Although I tried with Dasca to get the IPO1, but we failed in protection, therefor she was not be born.

In the prime of her life, Dasca fell ill with leukemia in 2005, a shock to me at this young age! The prognosis of the vets was a maximum lifespan of 6 months. First of all, Dasca lived until the summer of 2014!

With the diagnosis grew the idea of another dog, to practise Schutzhund sport.

Which breed was clear: the Malinois fascinated me for a long time. The tireless willingness to work, which this breed shows, was just right for me!

Together with Andrea Manthey, I attended a seminar by Knut Fuchs in Konstanz in 2005. This was my first contact with Knut and the start of my success story. At the end of the year I got my first Malinois bitch Indy vom Further Moor. With her I started in 2008 for the first time at the DVG Bundessiegerprüfung, unfortunately there was an abort in C. At the end of 2008 I started to train regularly with Knut, we became a well-rehearsed team and we succeeded in making Indy vom Further Moor the winner of the Bundessiegerprüfung DVG and winner of the German Championchip from the Deutschen Hundesport Verbands dhv. Knut and I worked meticulously and kept developing, especially in the protection, we harmonized especially. At the end of 2011 our ways parted. What remains is the memory of a great and valuable time!

The punk era

Yannick & Punk Championat

At the end of 2013, I started training again with Punk, who had inevitably paused two years. Meanwhile Benjamin Klöck, my helper, became an integral part of our team. We harmonized in the protection service from the first day almost blind and grew together to a unique team.

After winning the DVG National Championship BW 2015, I was able to qualify for the DVG Bundessiegerprüfung 2016, which I also managed to win with Punk. In the same year we placed seventeenth on the DMC Championship and as the 8th on the VDH DM.

But I was able to celebrate my greatest success in 2017. After successfully defending the title DVG Bundessieger with punk, the 3rd place at the VDH German Championships qualified me to start at the FCI -IPO World Championship 2017 in my own country. We won the World title in both singles and with the team! In the same year we also started at FMBB World Championship, which we finished with a good 15th place.

The youngsters are in the starting blocks

And that in two respects. For one thing, we welcome a new member in the Kayserdog family Berec vom Haus Edental as the successor to Punk, who is now enjoying his retirement. And on the other hand, my son Lenn discovered dog sports for himself. Success is not long in coming either: DVG Bundessieger & Bundesjugendsieger 2022 and thus qualified for the VDH DM.