VDH DM 2022

“Caramba von der schwarzen Mamba” bred by Petra and Theo Sporrer, moved in December 2015 with us. She is an integral part of our everyday family life and masters it flawlessly.
Their sporting facilities are excellent as hoped. Caramba is always in a good mood and with a great motivation to work. On the other hand she can switch off at home and proves to be very pleasant.

Together with my son Lenn they are an unbeatable team.

JahrPlatzVeranstaltungVeranstalter & Ort
202098DMC Prüfung – FPR 3DVG Friesenheim
20201 (B 98)
1 (C 100)
Rebmesser-PokalDVG Friesenheim
202092/92/36DMC Prüfung – IGP 1DVG Friesenheim
20211 (100/96/94)Rebmesser-Pokal – IGP 1DVG Friesenheim
20221 (97/96/95)DVG Bundessiegerprüfung – IGP 1DVG Gelsenkirchen
20221 (96/94/92)VDH Deutsche Meisterschaft – IGP 1VDH Coswig

Caramba von der schwarzen Mamba on Working-Dog