JahrPlatzVeranstaltungVeranstalter & Ort
20131 (100/98/100)IPO1DVG Friesenheim
20141 (98/93/95)IPO2 DMC Qualiprüfung Championat 
201456 (-/94/diq.)DMC Championat 
20141 (100/98/100)IPO3 DVG QualiprüfungDVG Friesenheim
2014Körung bestandenDMC KörungDarmstadt
20141 100/100/97 297DVG LandesmeisterschaftDVG Friesenheim
20141 (93/93)DMC RegionalchampionatAugsburg
201599/0/0 verletztDVG BundessiegerprüfungGelsenkirchen
20151 99/95/98 292DMC Quali PrüfungGeisingen
20153 93/97DMC RegionalchampionatKarlsdorf-Neuthard
20151 Landesmeister!!! 100/98/96 294DVG LandesmeisterschaftFreistett
20161 DVG Bundessieger
DVG BundessiegerprüfungAuderath
DMC ChampionatHechingen
VDH Deutsche MeisterschaftMettingen
DMC RegioprüfungLeingarten
DMC Leichlingen
20171 DVG Bundessieger
DVG BundessiegerprüfungBrietlingen
Finale 88,5/86,5
FMBB World ChampionchipHalle (Saale)
VDH Deutsche MeisterschaftGelsenkirchen
20171 Doppelmeltmeister
FCI-IPO World ChampionchipRheine

In October 2013 Punk got his IPO 1 with 99/99/98, in August 2014 his IPO 3 with 100/98/100. At the Championat 2014 I led him in Karlsruhe, here he delivered a great show, in B with 94 points, but unfortunately we were disqualified in C. He did not let out in the second part, because of my training mistake. Especially in the protection service, he is a special dog, working with body and soul and loves the confrontation with the helper. His play instinct is average good. But his willpower is very pronounced! In everyday life Punk is a very pleasant and well integrated into the family.

In September 2014 he passed the licensing in the DMC and is now suitable for breeding. In addition, a cardiac ultrasound examination revealed that he has a perfectly healthy heart. In October we were able to win the DVG state championship with 100/100/97, as well as the DMC regional championship in Augsburg a week later.

After a break due to injury, he won the DVG BW state championship at the end of 2015 and qualified for the 2016 DVG Bundessiegerprüfung, which he also won. In the same year he took 7th place at the DMC Championship and 8th place at the VDH DM.

2017 was his most successful year to date. After successfully defending his title at the DVG Bundessiegerprüfung, he secured a ticket for the FCI IPO World Championship 2017 in his own country with 3rd place at the VDH German Championships and we won the World Championship title both individually and with the team home . In the same year he was also able to take a good 15th place at the FMBB World Championship.

Punk vom Further Moor on Working-Dog