IGP Friesenheim

Team Yannick was born with dogs Indy vom Further Moor, Boyds Bullriding Glenmore und Falk Château Schönwalde with their handlers Yannick Kayser, Andrea Manthey and Dieter Jäkel. It gradually grew to what it is meanwhile, a nationally and internationally successful dog sports team, in which the WE is capitalized!

It is our greatest strength, I believe, that everyone can be happy for everyone and that there is no room for resentment and envy. So we present ourselves to the outside and that's how it is internally! We are an authentic entity that has its goals in mind and is ready to realize those goals. In the past, we have been able to win various titles, such as 3x DVG Bundessieger title and a total of 7 podium finishes, 3 world champion titles of the Dutch Shepherd Dogs, and various international titles with Glenmore.