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07. Januar 2018

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Yannick Kayser: We Celebrate Achievements of Our Teammates


DVG National Championchip BW

October 22, 2017

Today was payday for all the hard training !!!
Congratulations to Anne Eisemann for the title of national champion, Benjamin Klöck for 2nd place with only two points less, Katja Kober for the very good competition and Massimo Kienzler for the great performance with your Floyd! I am so happy that all four are qualified for the DVG BSP 2018 !!!



September 14, 2017

Best track, best obedience and an excellent protection

=> World Champion of 27th FCI-IPO World Championchip in Rheine

And together with the German team place 1 in the team ranking



3rd place VDH German Championship 2017

July 28, 2017

Starting the competition on Friday with a very good obedience and an equally good protection, on Saturday I was able to complete a great competition with an excellent track. The overall excellent performance meant third place on the podium and the ticket to the World Championchip in me own country.

FMBB WM 2017

April 26, 2017

World-Cup: 96/88/85
Finale: 88,5/86,5
Total 444 Punk was great!!!!

DVG Bundessieger 2017

April 22, 2017

Title successfully defended

1st place at the Advent Cup 2016

November 28, 2016

"East and West Just the Best". Jürgen Lauer led his Doctor vom Hirtengarten in C and I my punk in B. Both we have received 97 points for our performance and were able to win the first place 

Adventpokal 2016 Jeannie de l'Etoile de l'Est

November 28, 2016
Jeannie de l'Etoile de l'Est and Anne Eisemann delivered her first protection on the weekend at the Advent Cup. She did a great job.
Judge Dogel reward the protection with 93 points. We are very happy with the result. 

Begleithundeprüfung of the J´s

July 9, 2016

Congratulations to the whole J-litter for the Begleithundprüfung!

  • Sabine Kembel with Jax de l'Etoile de l'Est
  • Anne Eisemann with Jeannie de l'Etoile de l'Est
  • Heike Fretter with Jackazz Jazz de l'Etoile de l'Est

We are Bundessieger 2016!!!

23. Mai 2016

We are Bundessieger 2016!!!
It's just a great feeling when everything works fine on day x and the performance can be called up from the trainings. So last weekend at the DVG Bundessiegerprüfung in Auderath. We had only minor missteps and received for the great performance of punk 98/97/96 -291 points from the judges. Funny is that this is exactly the score that Indy received in 2009 when I first win DVG Bundessieger. Even then, only one point separated us from the second place. So we had a lot of déjà-vu last weekend!
In the track, we left two pointless points by circles at the third angle. The obedience  as well as the protection was a lot of fun, because my faithful friend Punk has worked really engaged, reliable and very powerful.
My thanks for this great success goes to many addresses, the two most important, are on the one hand my family, and on the other hand a very big thank to our really great team. It has only been two weeks since Andrea Manthey and Boyd's Bullriding Glenmore win the WDSF World Championchip for the third time in a row. In addition Glen was this year for the sixth time in a row participant of the DVG BSP. Also Falk, who was previously led by Dieter, and this year for the first time handelt by his daughter Rebecca Jäkel, showed a very good performance and as always an extremely spectacular protection.
This cohesion and this WE is what I enjoy about our sport! A big thank you goes of course to my helper and friend Benjamin Klöck, as well as Anne Eisemann. Her eye for the detail is for me an optimal preparation!!! With Dieter and Benny as team captain we had a great support all weekend, also on behalf of the whole DVG BW team (Yannick Kayser, Andrea Manthey, Rebecca Jäkel, Katja Kober, Mahmoud Achour, Dominique Braun, Rolf Haberbusch) a big thank you !!

After the competition is before the competition and so we will run this week at full speed, because this Thursday starts the DMC championship in Hechingen.

World champion the third

May 8, 2016

Andrea and Glen win the world championship title for the third time in a row at the WDSF 2016 in the Czech Republic. Congratulations!