Since several years we have been able to call up excellent effort on a regional as well as supraregional level. There is a reason for this consistency, we work with a frequently proved system, which gives dog and handler a lot of security and no room for conflicts. We would like to introduce you to this system and explain step by step which training steps are based on which exercise.

The maximum number of participants with dogs is always limited.

Although this seminar form includes only one of the discipline of tracking, obedience or protection, it is also the most intensive way to get to know our training. Because every exercise of the discipline is extensively discussed in theory.

In the practical part, each handler can choose 2-3 exercises, which should be developed in-depth with his own dog.

Cross-discipline seminars are always topic-related. The organizer defines 2 topics per discipline, which are theoretically and practically considered.

for example


  • Inception for young dogs
  • Apport


  • Inception for young dogs
  • Transports

To optimize the learning success, there is the individual possibility that I am supported by one or more of my team members.

For questions and appointments please contact us directly by email or phone.